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    What do I resent recently: Being chastised/reminded by my husb that we are more like roommates, that I need to be more affectionate & get sex back into our marriage. After being reminded of this again last night, I’m just freakin angry about it this morning. Give Give Give & I don’t have anything left.

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    RE “What’s new” … not a heck of a lot. Last year at this time I was looking at unemployment. My company closed at the end of June 2016. Thankfully I found a really wonderful job & got back to work in mid-August. It’s as a secretary for a high school & I work ten months – off June & July. Sounded great in the beginning, but now I’m looking at…[Read more]

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      I promise you that you are not the only one with these problems. My husband, a colon cancer patient of 3 years, and I have similar problems. Our current primary cancer center even has all patients & partners meet with an “intimacy therapist”
      who is an RN for sex therapy. We discussed these same issues when we saw her a few weeks ago. She said…[Read more]

      • I’m so glad I joined this group! I’m in the same boat only I’m the one that’s losing her mind because I want what my husband really can no longer give. I struggle DAILY with what to do, how to handle, how to think…

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    How am I coping today? Not very well. I’m tired, emotionally & physically. Too many people pulling me in too many directions. I’m usually pretty upbeat & positive, but when this mood hits, I feel like I’m in the bottom of the pit & the mud’s quickly piling up around me.

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    Wow – “Stephen”, this was exactly what I wanted to read about or talk about. I just didn’t know how to broach the subject. I feel incredibly guilty about this. My husb is supposed to be on a pretty limited diet, yet I let him eat whatever he wants – I’m pretty much in control of what he eats. That’s not the only area where I ‘fail’ to do my best.…[Read more]

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