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    I think that you did the correct thing. Caregiving can be so very frustrating. The people that we care for can try our patience just like anyone else can. Anger will ensue. It’s a human reaction. The people that we care for can also get angry at us or just life in general. How do you handle that anger? Remove yourself from the situation if only to…[Read more]

  • I’ve felt all that you’re feeling. You’re human just like every one of us- just like the person who we are caring for. When I lose my cool, I remove myself from the situation, feel the feelings and then let go. It’s not easy and lingering feelings of guilt may follow you but at the end of day, you’ve done the best that you can. Put it to bed and…[Read more]

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  • Oh, boy, what don’t I fear? I’ve gone through so many challenges and crisis in my caring for my special needs son who is 25. I asked myself daily if I’m doing this right? Am I handling and caring for him correctly? Does he feel loved and respected? Fear is a constant and I’m always battling it. He has Epilepsy so the seizures themselves and the…[Read more]