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    Wow, that’s a lot to take on by yourself. I hope you have some help near by, and this group can always just let you vent whenever you have the time.

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    I hope I find new friends in here that can relate to caring for their spouse. I have been caring for my husband through 3 years of colon cancer, and I’d love to pretend I have been perfect throughout, but I hope I find a place to connect with others where it’s okay not to be the perfect wife, mother, family provider, etc all the time. I have…[Read more]

    • We are all perfectly imperfect. I understand and relate to EVERYTHING in your post. Know that you are not alone and I’m so glad to know that I’m not alone. This struggle is very real which is what led me to seek out caregiver resources in the first place. The group doesn’t seem to really active, but I’ll be around and we can chat with each…[Read more]

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        Maybe the others are just lurkers and will come up after they see a bit about us. Present issues for me include Debbie’s more frequent falls. Also extra support needed for moving around. Summers are usually harder and this one has been a hard one.

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    I promise you that you are not the only one with these problems. My husband, a colon cancer patient of 3 years, and I have similar problems. Our current primary cancer center even has all patients & partners meet with an “intimacy therapist”
    who is an RN for sex therapy. We discussed these same issues when we saw her a few weeks ago. She said…[Read more]

    • I’m so glad I joined this group! I’m in the same boat only I’m the one that’s losing her mind because I want what my husband really can no longer give. I struggle DAILY with what to do, how to handle, how to think…

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