Today is a day of appreciation. I was fortunate enough to be able to take an extra day for myself, to write, to do some designing and to ride all through Seaview, up and down every street, putting up posters for the Labor Day Cookout and the Movie in the Moonlight which will be “The Graduate” on August 27.

The news today was that John McLaughlin passed away at midnight. He really was a pioneer in the world of news. The way he influenced the manner in which the news can be discussed led to CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg TV, Bill Maher, John Stewart, Steven Colbert, etc. He was on my list of people most likely to die soon. He hadn’t been looking well this year. Hey, he was in his nineties and still doing his own weekly TV show. He’ll be missed. The tributes from news anchors and commentators just keep pouring in. I’m glad I grew to appreciate him while I still had many years to enjoy his program. Sunday morning news programs won’t be the same.