Let’s be honest here — I’m no gourmet chef. Sure, on the weekends my wife and I love to host friends for brunch and put together a beautiful spread, but most of the time I’m a very utilitarian cook. Here’s how I throw things together quickly while getting approval from my nutritionist:

Fresh and delicious

avocado toast

Have time to hit the store on your way home? Try these ideas.

  • A slice of avocado on toast with a little pepper is delicious and satisfying
  • Slices of tomato with a sprinkle of olive oil, feta cheese, or basil
  • Yogurt topped with seeds and fruit is a great treat, just watch out for hidden sugar
  • Cantaloupe can be eaten alone or part of a delicious fruit salad
  • I slice up tortillas, drizzle them with oil and bake them for chips that are fast and a little healthier

baggies full of nutsOn the go

You’re hungry and in a rush. Toss these in your bag for later.

  • Grab a banana and you’re on your way
  • Pack a bag full of edamame
  • Peanut butter pretzels don’t seem very healthy, but they’re great at keeping me from getting hangry
  • I love the sweetness and satisfying crunch of baby carrots
  • Peanuts and dried fruit are tasty and packed with protein

roasted chick peas in a bowlSafe to stock up on

We’ve all come home ravenous with hunger only to realized we haven’t gone grocery shopping in weeks. All is not lost.

  • Popcorn is healthy and delicious; I love to add a little spice
  • Keep some shrimp in your freezer for a fancy snack
  • Bagel from the freezer + tomato sauce + spices is totally acceptable as a mini pizza
  • White bean spread – if you have a can of white beans, spices, and a stove, you’re all set
  • Roasted chick peas – same as above, but a can of chick peas

kale on a baking sheet ready to go into the ovenEasy recipes

Online recipes manage to make everything as complicated as possible. Here are a few that stick with the basics.

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