As I got older, I made the decision to stay in this house rather than go to a facility. My husband died about 15 years ago, so I was living by myself, but I was completely active, and my life was the same as it’s always been — I volunteered and attended concerts and visited with friends. When I was 95, I had to stop driving because of vision problems. I was pretty much stranded here, and friends were anxious about me being alone at night.

I realized I needed someone in the house with me, and somebody told me about a home-share program for seniors in Los Angeles. My first requirement was that I needed someone willing to take me to appointments. I’ve never felt quite secure with cabs — sometimes they’re late, and when you have doctors’ appointments, you’d like to get to them on time. But I was also looking for someone who could provide some companionship.

Scott’s an intelligent man, and we laugh together easily. Despite the fact that he’s much younger — he’s going to be 78 his next birthday — we find a lot to talk about. We have completely different schedules: Scott gets up very early and goes to bed between 9 and 9:30, and in the evenings, I’m ready to go out and do things. But we’re constantly talking as we pass each other — about politics, books we’ve both read, or whatever comes up in daily life.

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