I wrote this years ago when my mother in law was in an assisted living home and I noticed how many people had no visitors at all…

Sad Eyes

Wheelchairs roll
Down long lonely halls
Hearts are broken
Of the ones forgotten
Who sit
Staring at the walls

Voices of confusion
Echo in the night
Reaching for a gentle hand
Leading to the light

Minutes seem like hours
Hours like days
Vigilant at the windows
For loved ones who I pray
Would visit for awhile
Put a smile upon a face
For sometime in the future
May take my place

It wouldn’t be so scary
This burden that I carry
If around me I could feel
Endless love to help me heal

This smothered, dying heart
Tearing me apart

Sad eyes
Peering through
Hoping for a sign … Or sound
Of freedom from this burden

I am bound
I am bound

Theresa Loder

Originally published on our Facebook page.

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