Got out to the island and it was too hot to go to the craft show in town. It’s one of my favorite events of the summer and I know for a fact that I wasn’t the only person who avoided being out in the sun. I feel so bad for the artists that have to be at their booths outside all day. Hope I can go tomorrow.

Tonight their was a block party for 3 blocks at the Katz’s on the back deck. Very comfortable, shaded area. I was alone—my escort is out on the opposite coast this week. Alas. Didn’t fare too badly though. I used to hate being the only person at an event solo, not drinking and not eating, but I’ve gotten over that. I just don’t particularly enjoy the company of a lot of the people at the party, so I stayed long enough not to be rude and I left.

Came home and watched a few episodes of  “Peaky Blinders” on Netflix. There is so much quality programming being done for television now.

Hope to get to the crafts fair tomorrow.