The Magic Show was a success! We actually sold about $1,900 in tickets. It wasn’t easy for Michael, the magician, since much of the audience was kids of 7-10, and there were toddlers running around on stage while he was doing his act. He dealt with it well. He had a great idea for next year. We can have a magic show just for the kids at their playground. He represents a bunch of other magicians who specialize in kid stuff. Could work out. He’s been great and more than just a little cooperative.

We’re already selling tickets for the Labor Day cookout. I feel like it’s become a full-time job. Up and at ‘em in front of the market by 9 a.m.

Eddie is coming in tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn. He’s going to take the shuttle from JFK to the subway to my place; get his friend Bill’s car keys out of the medicine chest, find out where Bill’s car is parked, pick it up and drive it out to the island. I’m going to take the ferry across at 10:00 (with the dog) and we’ll head out to Costco, Home Depot and Lowe’s. Lots of stuff to get for the house and we have no food to speak of right now. Will try and get to bed early.