4 out of 5 seniors suffer from at least one chronic condition, according to AARP. We’re here to help our loved ones manage their conditions to they can continue to live a fulfilling life — so we can, too. As part of our coverage for Grandparent’s Day, I’m sharing some of my favorite resources for the most common chronic conditions faced by grandparents.

Studies show that 25% to 50% of patients don’t take medications as prescribed. PillPack makes it easy for seniors to take their medications correctly, by creating custom packets of pills and eliminating the need to keep track of refills or go to the pharmacy.


Cancer is the second most common cause of death among people over the age of 65. In fact, nearly 1 in 4 seniors are living with cancer. Now that cancer treatment has advanced so far, it’s become a chronic condition for many survivors.

Meals to Heal provides guidance on how to provide the nutrition you or your loved one needs to stay strong during cancer treatment and the best ways to reduce symptoms to improve quality of life.


1 in 4 seniors has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a disease that can have serious complications.

The American Diabetes Association provides a free guide to living healthy with diabetes for seniors. MySugr provides apps and tools to track and manage diabetes.

Heart disease

How common is heart disease? According to the CDC, “heart disease affects 37% of men and 26% of women 65 and older” (source).

Are you helping a loved one track their blood pressure? Hello Heart is an app designed to make your life easier by making it easy to track and understand your blood pressure.

Alzheimer’s & dementia

One in 3 seniors has dementia at the time of their passing, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Over 5 million people in the US have ALZ, a disease with a heavy care burden for years or decades.

We’ve partnered with ALZ Live to bring you guides to navigating healthcare in the US & Canada.