Long day! Now that I’m taking a treatment for my breathing before I eat breakfast and then have to eat breakfast before I leave the house, I had to get up really early in order to make the 10:00 a.m. ferry off the island. Made it.

Eddie arrived about twenty minutes after me and we headed straight to Home Depot. Got the eyelets we needed to finish up the wire trellis. Then onto Costco where Schatzie [my pup] is no longer allowed to ride in her little bag in the cart. She has to walk. Up and down every aisle. It’s exhausting. We always buy more than we need and I’ve learned to be more cautious—especially since this trip is a very short one for Eddie. I don’t need a fridge packed to the hilt with fruits and veggies. Everything in moderation!

Actually ate lunch out at a diner. Eating out with Eddie is an odd occurrence.

It’s still very hot here. Has been all week. Just stopped complaining about it.

Got to the house and Eddie immediately got to the business of inventorying the garden. Where are the toad lilies? Is this the amaryllis? Hey, look at the dahlias! I had to get to the business of finding room for all that we bought. Call it a conflict of interests. I wish he’d help me unpack when we arrive at the house. I’ve told him so a dozen times, at least, but he’s so obsessed with the garden, it’s impossible to tear him away.

We watched 5 hours of Ray Donovan. He needed to catch up. Of course we squeezed dinner in there somewhere (and my nightly treatment) and fell into bed exhausted. We’re going off island tomorrow to shop and bring things to the freight boat.