We know that not everyone can sneak away to a keyboard in the middle of a day, much less on a holiday.  Yet we also know that connecting back with your community can be an important boost to your spirit.

So on special days like this, members of our team – Adrienne and Paul – will be checking in on our group chat specially focused for this Holiday.   The live chat is a regular feature of our site.  For Thanksgiving 2015, we’ve added a new chat room called the “Thanksgiving Check-In.”  We want all our caregivers to have an opportunity to give thanks in a new way.. but supporting each other; by telling our own stories and by acknowledging the unique stories of others.

To access the chat, just log in the TheCaregiverSpace.org and click into the side bar on the right to pick the chatroom.

If you want to leave the chat window open in the morning, and come back when the pies are cooling you can maximize the chat to it’s own window.   The graphic shows you how.

Whether you can only break away for just a second, or you have a longer span to relax in between dinner courses, share part of your day with us.

Log in to TheCaregiverSpace.org and join us in a rolling, all day chat.  Thursday, November 26th, 2015 – Thanksgiving Day in the USA… Take a minute just to say “Hello” or hang out to support your fellow caregivers.