It’s our pleasure to introduce Sasha Carr, Ph.D. as a new monthly contributor to The Caregiver Space’s Lifestyle Section!

Sasha Carr, ABCs of ZZZs for Caregivers

Sasha Carr, contributor to the ABCs of ZZZs for Caregivers

Sasha is a licensed psychologist and certified child and family sleep coach. Her new monthly column entitled “The ABCs of ZZZs for Caregivers” will focus on deeper sleep practices and how you can integrate them into your own life. For caregivers with a loved one in the house, all too often we sleep with one ear open. Others just don’t know how to fully turn off their brains at the end of the day so sleepless nights turn into foggy mornings.

We’re here to change all that. It’ll take time, but you deserve it.

Sasha brings a wealth of knowledge consulting with families, groups, and organizations all over the United States through her sleep consultation company, Off to Dreamland. She is a faculty member at the Family Sleep Institute and resident sleep expert for Women of Wellness of CT, a professional health and wellness network dedicated to caring for women and families.

The caregiver community holds a special importance for her, which is why she’s generously offered to donate her time to addressing the real sleep needs of caregivers. She worked directly with a population of caregivers at Rutgers University’s Health and Aging project. Dr. Carr is also the co-author of The Caregiver’s Essential Handbook, a book addressing the critical ins and outs of everything from navigating the medical system to finances, emotional health tips and more.

In the upcoming months you can look forward to addressing topics like:

  • Sleep Mistakes Revealed: The top 5 things you may be using to try to sleep that do more harm than good
  • Stop Staring at the Ceiling: How to quiet a worried mind and give it the rest it needs
  • Avoid the Blue Light Blues: Using electronics mindfully so that everyone in the house can sleep better

If you have specific questions or a topic that you would like Dr. Carr to write a column about, please let us know. From our site to your bed, we’re committed to getting you there, any way we can.

Stay tuned for The ABCs of ZZZs for Caregivers!


Sasha Carr Ph.D is a licensed psychologist and certified child and family sleep coach dedicated to helping people of all ages have healthier sleep. She is a co-author of The Caregiver’s Essential Handbook, which provides practical advice for caregivers of the elderly. For more information about Dr. Carr, please visit her website at

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