Asking for help can be really hard and all too often when our first attempt isn’t successful, we give up right away.

This article shares great advice on how to stop worrying about admitting you need help and give yourself permission to ask — and accept — help.

Are you the type of person who’s too busy driving from place to place to stop and fill that gas tank with the beaming low fuel light? Too busy rushing about to take a moment? Too guilty to take a pause even though it’s clear you need one? Perhaps, you don’t feel empowered enough to demand a break? Or, maybe you’re just so caught up in your day it’s easier to ignore all the signs telling you it’s time to pause, breathe, and assess the situation.

Being able to identify the need for a “personal moment” is critical. However, the reality is most of us are already pretty good at this part of the equation. Where we tend to fall short is acting on our own recognition. It’s not enough just to notice that low fuel light inside your head. You have to do what it’s telling you – pull over, put it in park, and refuel. This isn’t always easy and, in fact, often requires a good bit of personal courage.

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H/T Donna Thomson