How do you say thank you to the person who goes above and beyond? Honestly, there’s no way to express thanks for what they do through a gift.

The best way to thank a caregiver is with your time and appreciation.

  • Deliver a meal (or a bunch of frozen meals!)
  • Pick things up for them when you’re running your own errands
  • Shovel their walk or mow their lawn
  • Help them with babysitting or giving a ride
  • See if they need help researching something
  • Offer to help with sorting out medical bills
  • Sign them up for a meal delivery service
  • Get them a gift certificate for groceries, dry cleaning, or a hospital parking pass

Sometimes, though, we want a physical item to hand someone to show that we appreciate what they do. Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas:

A book of affirmations

A coloring book to calm them down and cheer them up

A daily reminder of how awesome they are

A reminder to take 5 minutes for themselves

A chance to deepen a relationship

A reminder of how you feel about them

A blanket to keep them cozy
Flowers to brighten their day

A reminder that you’re always thinking of them

See something you like? Don’t forget that when you shop through AmazonSmile they’ll make a donation to The Caregiver Space!

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