theresa loderI need to wash my hair
And take a shower
But here I sit
Enjoying this quiet hour

I need to put up Meds
And tidy up the room
But I cherish this time
To just be me
There will be plenty to do
Very soon

Right now I float
In this peaceful place
My mind has brought me to
Hard to let go
there is so much
I really need to do

My mind see saws
Back and forth
Of insulin shots
I need to give
Morning Meds and vitamins
Probiotics and other stuff
We need to live

Soon my hubby will be up
And need to start his day
With me assisting him
In each and every way
Making sure he doesn’t fall
While walking to his chair
Setting all his pillows
Before he sits down there

Making oatmeal and
A nice hot cup of coffee
Maybe a bottle of water
In case he starts coughing
Checking the swelling
In his ankles
Every morning
If they are swelling
I consider that a warning

As much as I’d love
To stay and chat
Now I must go
Get the important things done
Before my energy gets low

But I love to float
In this peaceful place
My mind brings me to
I see saw back and forth
So much yet to do

Theresa Loder