Lord, New York can be an oven in the summer. We’re in the middle of a heat spell that looks like it will continue for weeks without relief.

Finally got to have my hair cut today. Everyone around me is talking about the election. Despite the feelings people have about Trump and Hillary, I haven’t heard as many people talking about leaving the country and moving to Canada (or elsewhere) if so-and-so gets elected.

Had my writing class this week. I had a very successful entry last time we all met, but this time I’ve been struggling with editing and getting things to flow. It’s very hard. You write something down and Kate [my coach] says we need to hear more about this. So I begin to embellish. Then I finish the rough and know it’s still not working—but I have to send something in for the group [of 4] to read pre-session. I knew it wasn’t working and I was right. Got to make it work for the 1st of September class. The others in the class always wait ‘til the last minute too—it’s not just me. It ‘s not easy digging into one’s past week after week after week.