They are big and dark brown, so full of life.
When he sees you they sparkle! In fact, his whole countenance brightens.
It all begins in his eyes…
And you realize he knows love.

And if by chance you look any further, you will see a young man who requires total care..
he has never walked, or talked.
The muscles in his body have begun to contract.
But when you focus on his eyes…
You will see that he knows acceptance.

There are tears (his and mine) from muscles spasms and seizures that grip him periodically..
a machine feeds him through a tube in his stomach.. Yet
In those incredible eyes, you will see endurance.

Speak to him, you have his undivided attention
Sing to him .. he will coo along
Touch him and he will respond with a smile..
But don’t pity him… He doesn’t know it.

Now look in my eyes and see what this child of mine has taught me
unconditional love,
true acceptance,
.. joy!

by Cookie Hedinger (Tommy’s Mommy)