You told us why you’re not exercising everyday:

What’s keeping you from exercising and/or eating right every day?

Posted by The Caregiver Space on Friday, August 21, 2015

  • You don’t have any time.
  • You can’t imagine adding another thing to your daily routine.
  • You can barely leave the house to go grocery shopping.
  • You have a tight budget and big expenses.
  • You are tired of hearing to “take care of yourself.”

These are all valid reasons that prevent us, as caregivers, from staying fit. We get how time- and energy-consuming caregiving can be. But PhysEd for Caregivers is a fitness program designed AROUND these constraints.

“Life, right now, is going to get better for you. Everyone can include in proper fitness into their lifestyle, despite any constraint.”

– Edward Jackowski, PhysEd


About Edward Jackowski

In 1985, Edward Jackowski founded Exude Fitness and changed the way we look at exercise. To date, Edward is the author of seven books on general fitness, motivation, weight loss and golf and has helped create, direct and produce 10 fitness videos/DVD’s and motivational CD’s.