Caregiving can be one of the most rewarding experiences of one’s life. However, it can also be extremely demanding and emotionally taxing.

From preparing meals to administering medications and making sure your loved one is safe, there’s no end to a caregiver’s responsibilities and worries.

The good news is, there are a host of new technologies that can help caregivers free up some time, relieve some worry and take care of some of the more mundane tasks.

Here are five technologies that can provide a helping hand:


Meal Preparation

Taking the time to shop, prepare and cook nutritious meals is one of the more important and time consuming tasks of any caregiver.

There are now a host of new online meal kit companies that will deliver complete meal ingredients right to your door. You can even subscribe for regular deliveries for any meal including breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many grocery stores are starting to offer meal kits as well.

Prices are a lot more affordable than restaurant take-out, and many companies offer meals for specific concerns such as diabetes, dialysis, renal diets, dairy free, low sodium or senior friendly diets.



Shopping for everyday household items, prescriptions and clothing takes up a lot of time.

Instead of caregivers doing the shopping themselves, they should make it a habit to order items and have them delivered to their loved one’s home.

One really neat and convenient innovation is Amazon Dash. Simply press a button with a brands image on it (i.e. Tide, Hefty, Charmin, Cascade, Colgate) and Amazon will deliver the item automatically – no need to even go online!


Emergency Safety Net

One of the most challenging things for a caregiver, is making sure their loved one is safe, while they’re tending to their own lives.

Medical alert systems can provide the peace of mind to allow caregivers to focus on their day without worry.

In the event of a fall or medical emergency, your loved one simply presses the help button and the monitoring centre dispatches emergency responders as necessary and contacts listed family members and caregivers.



Making sure that people feel needed, loved and part of a community is critical to helping patients avoid social and emotional isolation. Staying connected with friends, family and the outside world is essential to their well-being.

With cell phones, Ipads, laptops and desktops people can stay connected through voice and video apps 24X7. Family and friends can video chat with your loved one far more frequently, taking some of the responsibility away from you.


Health Care  

Caring for someone else’s health can be one of the more difficult and complicated jobs of a caregiver. From administering medications, to taking vitals and transporting patients to and from doctor appointments – it can be overwhelming.

While not appropriate for all circumstances, there are many new and exciting technologies being developed every day.

Specifically, we’d encourage you to discuss telehealth options with your loved one’s medical care team. Explore solutions like virtual appointments, remote monitoring, video or picture based diagnoses, etc…

You can also explore technologies like medication reminders and automated medication dispensers to help manage complicated medication regimes.


Regardless of your situation, there are more and more technologies being developed to help relived some of the stresses of caregiving. We’d encourage you to try different solutions to see which works for you and your loved one the best.

Marc Felgar is the founder of, a website dedicated to finding and reviewing products and services to help seniors live a safer and happier life.

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