Left the island noon-ish and made my way back to the city for an appointment with the dermatologist. I love my doctors. It was worth the work putting my group of physicians at the same hospital together. They all know each other and they all know my history with each of them. Now it’s all on computer though—so if Dr. W wants to see my history with Dr. M, he just has to sign in on the Mt. Sinai hospital database and he can see my entire life story. I’ve got a bunch of guys I trust.

Told Dave Nassaney earlier in the week that I couldn’t do his radio show today because of my appointment and as it turns out, Blab went out of business and he had to find another way to do the show at the last minute. He’s back to Skype for the time being, but I need to speak with Alex [Steve’s best friend] to see if there’s a way of us joining the GabNet family.

Alex has always been on the cutting edge and he now has created a 24-hour radio network. I want to know what he can do for us and/or Dave.