Got home late last night and had to prepare for the meeting, scheduled months ago, with my attorney and estate planner. This is my least favorite thing in the world to do. Steve always handled these affairs and despite my frequent urging him to teach me about this world, he needed to be in complete control, demanded total secrecy and insisted that when he passed, he knew I was smart enough to figure it all out. How nice.

It ain’t that easy. Five years down the road and I’m still learning and it’s a damned steep learning curve. It involved a lot of trust on my part and I had my brother help me when I was totally new to the game and afraid to rely on my own instincts and intellect to make that decision. I’ve done okay though.

I was supposed to have a call with Lisa Hirsch at noon, which I missed because the other meeting went long. We have to discuss the mother/daughter chat group we’re going to be co-hosting and there are other things on her mind I’ve yet to discover.

David [my trainer] pooped out on me today and Cynthia [my masseuse] ran late, but boy did I need to see her!

That’s it for today! One day at a time.