Between the U.S. Open and election coverage on MSNBC, I have the TV on all the time for company. I can’t wait for Wednesday night’s coverage of a back to back “Commander-In-Chief” forum, with Matt Lauer moderating and questioning Hillary and The Great Pumpkin. There’ll also be servicemen and women asking questions. And on the Intrepid. This could be fun.

Today, did laundry and more laundry and organizing and writing and research and worked a little in the garden—today was actually the stormiest day yet here—it even rained a little. Checked the ferry schedule to know what time I’d need to be picked up on the other side of the bay and reserved my car.

I did Dave Nassaney’s radio show too. We Skyped it again. His guest was a woman who’s a grief recovery counselor—she got her training at the Grief Recovery Institute in California. Eddie turned me on to them. The show was really good. One of the very best we’ve done. Maybe the best, even. I want to keep in touch with her. Have all her info on my many lists.

I did a little packing up and storage arrangement. I’ve still got 2 more months to the season here, and I’m already getting ready to leave. Not really—I guess it’s just that I know summer’s over (officially here) and the weather will be changing. Time for me to put away the whites (yes mom, I won’t wear white after Labor Day) and get out the corduroys. Fall’s my favorite season, really. Perfect weather for my favorite clothes. Too superficial? I’m just happier in Fall and Spring.

It’s my last day here for a couple of weeks. I’m staying ‘til Wednesday so I don’t see any real reason to head back out Friday; and Eddie is coming in on the 18th at 1:00 a.m. (Saturday/Sunday). To come out here on Sunday and have to turn around and get back to town on Monday is ridiculous. Cori is just in town for a few days and I have to make the most of her time here. At least Eddie agreed.