When they get olderJust about everyone has an elderly family member or friend who we worry about. When They Get Older is a great resource for those of you who call the UK home.

They currently offer four guides that are tremendously helpful.


Legal Guide

Does someone you care about not have a power of attorney set up? You know you should help them get it taken care of, but you aren’t sure what to do? Download their Legal Guide as a PDF.

Finances Guide

Most of us aren’t financial wizards who can easily handle running two households. Download this Finances Guide as a PDF to make figuring out which forms to fill out a little less daunting.

Hearing Loss Guide

Is someone you love ignoring their hearing loss? It’s difficult for people to adjust to life without being able to hear like they used to. Download this PDF Hearing Loss Guide to help you through it.

Loneliness Guide

Sure, you love someone enough to be reading this, but do you still worry that they might be lonely? Download this PDF Loneliness Guide to learn how to combat loneliness among the elderly.