It’s a really exciting time to be in the US. The fact that the current healthcare system is being dismantled means that we have the opportunity to fix the most vexing problems.

I didn’t grow up in a military family, but I married into one. That means I’m dealing with paying with healthcare for my parents and aunt, who are on Medicaid and insurance through their work, as well as for my husband with Tricare, the military health insurance.

While I won’t pretend Tricare is perfect, it’s exponentially better than its civilian counterpart, Medicaid, or even private health insurance. I would love to see Tricare extended for all Americans, not just those who’ve served our country directly.

If we couldn’t do that, imagine if Tricare covered all government employees, like teachers and police officers.

The things we insure say a lot about what we value.

Right now, the government has stepped in to say what should be covered by health insurance. They’re about to make that decision again.

When home care is left out of health insurance, that says a lot about what America values.

I can’t think of anyone who’s willing to abandon their family members. Sure, they’re out there, but I’ve never come across anyone.

Usually people aren’t helping because they know another family member will do it. Or they can’t afford to provide the care someone needs, so they do their best to keep their job and still help out.

I don’t know how to fix US healthcare, but I do know this is our chance to ask that the help family caregivers need be written into law.

I’ve been calling my reps and asking for them to cover home health care, provide annual respite for family caregivers, and improve nursing home care. What sort of support do you want for caregivers?

Call your representative today!

Featured image: City of Angels / Shutterstock, Inc. San Francisco, California, USA – December 24, 2015: Old man in a wheelchair is assisted to get off a van using a lift.

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