If I hadn’t checked the ferry schedule before I called for my car, I would feel really stupid. I have this app on my iPhone that put the ferry schedules at my fingertips. I got up at 7:00 and intended to catch an 11:30 ferry. So my car would be waiting for me at 12:15. Only…the online schedule was wrong and the ferry left at 10:40 and the next one at 1:30. I had to call Ram [my driver] to tell him I screwed up and I wouldn’t be there ‘til 2:15. Poor guy had to wait. But he had a nephew who lived nearby and spent some time with his nephew’s kids. Ram is a very nice man and I’m very fond of him. A truly good human being.The ferry ride over was invigorating.

Got back to the city around 3:40—Cori had arrived in NY around the same time. She won’t be here in the office until tomorrow. Lots to do together.

We have The First Annual Caregiver Conference to go to in Chicago, on December 3, organized by Denise Brown and others. I had hoped to be able to speak there, but I don’t seem to be in the in crowd as far as caregiving coaches (the people who organized the event) and I’m on an “After Caregiving” panel. Chris McLellan, The Bow Tie Guy, whose radio show on “I Heart Radio” is going to be on the panel and that makes me happy. Cori and I have to get to planning what we should print to hand out. I’m not taking a table for $600. I’ve got to pay for me to go, for Cori to go, for me to stay (and Eddie and I are extending our trip). Cori has friends to stay with and Erika says she’ll be happy to take care of Schatzie. I don’t know what I’d do without Erika.

The trip to Chicago is important. Forget the conference—OWN is there and Walgreen’s is headquartered there. I want to meet with them both re: money for The Caregiver Space. If Oprah liked the idea, we’d get everything I’ve always wanted including a television show for caregivers.

I’ve got to figure out with Cori what we need for a presentation to these guys. I think they’re two different presentations. Walgreen’s would be a great financial backer and they’d get tons of good press and we’d have an opportunity to reach lots more caregivers. Oprah would need program outlines. Do I need financials for all of this? That’s the part I hate, but we have to talk about it so I can get it done in two months.

Had sushi for dinner. Made me happy. Watched Hillary and The Great Pumpkin and am still reeling. Time to sleep.