Free Time

Time with my mom. I lost her a week ago. – Lisa

Wish we could just stop time…To watch my kid’s deteriorate before my eyes w/this awful muscle-wasting disease…It truly goes too fast and is heartbreaking. I wish they could have time off from their disease that still has no cure, but it doesn’t take a day off. – Jennifer

Family. I have family but I wish we were all closer to one another to help each other. So maybe I should say I wish I had more family time! My husband and I are in Hawaii and all the family is back on the mainland now. I miss my children and grand children so much. – Theresa

Hours in the day, patience, sleep, and free time for me. – Amy

Time to myself I work and been coming to the nursing home every night for my mother for the last 9 years. – Dee

Time: I actually have lots of it but it’s chopped into almost unusable, unpredictable moments. Then cash with enough of which I can buy more time. Then…well you know… – Patrick

TIME FOR MYSELF!! And I don’t mean time that I can sit down and still be doing other things like filling out forms, etc. I mean doing what I want to do for the sole benefit of ME. It’s very rare I have that opportunity. I’m always doing something for someone. – Danielle

More time with my husband before ALZ completely steals him away. – Kimberly

Time alone with my husband – we need to get away once in awhile. – Valerie

I wish I had had more time with my husband before Alzheimer’s took him from me. – Joy

Time and energy! As well as for other to have more compassion and empathy towards those who are ill and those whom are their care givers. – Jessica

Time with friends and family to share fun times together. – Kathy

Financial & Practical Support

Cash…Then I could get things DONE! After all that is finished, I’d take some time off and get away…a little vacation maybe? – Donna

A sitter for my elderly dad so I can go visit my husband in the nursing home. – Judy

it’s hard not being able to work and need so many things…it would make the process much easier not having to worry about health and bills. – Venus

Programs where we live…we live in Dothan AL and because my daughter is not mentally challenged there is NOTHING at all that she qualifies for…she literally spends all day every day on her tablet…its so sad! – Laura

Money! Enough to take the pressure off and to feel secure (in so far as that’s possible) every time the car breaks down and the rent goes up and the supplies go up in price and my health implodes, etc. The PTSD aspect of waiting for the other shoe to drop and blow everything out of the water is humungous! – Ryoko

Time! Money! Benefits! Never enough time to work and spend time with the kids. Not enough money to buy things we need and Bette health insurance, maybe a retirement package – Tiffany

Better health and money so I could take better care of my husband. – Mary

Finding ppl that REALLY want to help my mom to receive soc. sec & medicaid (Kancare) more time w/my kids & husband. Money to buy a house & a car to take my mom back in forth to Dr.’s & chemo therapy appts. – Susanna

Money. With more money my husband wouldn’t have to work all week and most weekends. We could do more things together, travel, date night with a babysitter or two, but our own home, better/more reliable vehicles and a wheelchair lift van, all the equipment or modifications that my son needs it simply could use to make things easier. So many things. – Amber

Money! So I could provide whatever my Mother needs to recover as much as possible from the 4 major strokes she’s had. Insurance doesn’t do nearly enough. And it’s a constant battle to get them to cover the few things they do cover. It’s depressing. – Lisa

Money. You can’t have too much money when dealing with serious illness and caregiving issues. Everyone’s quality of life improves with increased financial support. – Kim

Joy & Resilience

Days feeling well enough to do something. – Cheryl

“Good” days where my husband and i can go do little breakfast…to the beach. Money is great, but without health its nothing. – Ashley

Love…for my mum to have more ‘loving’ visitors and…love…for me – its no fun being a carer and single too. Be nice to get a cuddle from someone occasionally. – Joanna

Help, energy, patience, and more of myself. – Janie

Peace of mind…I worry about my clients when I am not there. I worry that they are not eating properly. – Michele


Sleep. Patience. (kind of go hand in hand). Support. Respect. And my own private island. – Kimberly

Energy!!!! I am so-o-o tired! I am a caregiver and can hardly keep going. Feel guilty for what I can’t do. – Phyllis

Community Support

Back when I was caregiving, before my husband died, I wished I had support more than anything. I felt so absolutely alone. Sleep was the second thing I wished for and it was so hard to come by. – Sabrina

Friends that really cared…even just to ask me over for a cup of coffee. – Judy

True friends, I’ve got rid of all my friends. You cannot come in my house and disrespect me. – Cindy


I wish people would stop taking advantage of my handicapped daughter! Also that healthy people would stop staring at her. She became a quadriplegic 6 years ago & I’m pretty sure most people have seen a handicapped person in a wheelchair before. People can be so rude, they forget that they could accidentally end up in her position! – Patricia

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