I wonder how many people have a dog as an excuse to get out of the house.

I don’t think my wife realizes that I use the dog to escape. I hope she doesn’t. But I’m pretty sure it’s the only reason we’re still married. If I didn’t get those 20 minutes on some days I don’t know what stupid things I would say or do.

It’s a good thing my wife would never give up the dog. We certainly wouldn’t have adopted him after my wife’s diagnosis. Dogs are lots of work and we are both overwhelmed these days. But the dog is already here, so he stays.

When I’m feeling frustrated, I take the dog out for a run. I almost never did this before the diagnosis, but now I have all of this…something…that I need to get out. There are all of these studies saying walking is good for your body and mental health. Time in nature keeps you functioning better, relaxes you. I’m just an anecdote, but it works for me. Just knowing that I’ll get to take the dog out and have some time with just me and my furry buddy helps me get through the frustrations of my day.

Plus, he makes us laugh.


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