Caregivers are ordinary people like you and me. They are the family or friends who care for a loved one that is suffering from a challenging health condition. Caregivers are currently invisible in our health and care systems, and yet they are essential for the delivery of the best care.

Design activist Lekshmy Parameswaran from The Care Lab challenges you to recognise the Caregivers around you, rethink your own attitude to caregiving and invites you to participate and consider – How might we redesign the experience of caregiving in our societies? Lekshmy is the co-founder of The Care Lab; a collaborative platform that brings together stakeholders from healthcare, social care and education, and uses design practices to rethink and redesign care models and solutions for our societies and care systems.

The Care Lab is an initiative that she and co-founder László Herczeg have launched after almost two decades of experience working in healthcare innovation as fuelfor; an experience design consultancy that develops award winning products, services and strategies for international clients. Through their practice they have developed a design thinking approach specifically suited to tackle complex health and care challenges.

As a design activist, Lekshmy is passionate about applying her design skills to innovate health and social care; encouraging people to challenge conventional thinking, bringing the voices of patients, their families and care professionals into the design process in inspiring ways and creating solutions that can have measurable and meaningful impact. She holds a Master of Engineering degree from the University of Cambridge, and a Master of Arts from the Royal College of Art in London.