So many of my friends had no idea what a caregiver was and insisted that if you were outside of senior care then no one would know what I was talking about. So I wanted share more about this role before I get into some more interesting posts.

The title of caregiver in the senior care industry really is a label we have created for a certain group of people providing the direct care to the senior. The title on a job description denotes that it would be a specific employee that would do the tasks to make sure the care of the senior was up to par. Those tasks might include dressing, feeding, bathing, and socializing. So yes, we do have a certain job title for a caregiver BUT what I want to explore at The Spunky Caregiver is a broader definition of a caregiver, that caregivers exist in many fields of work and that it can be a behavior type as well as a job title.

In my definition, a caregiver is someone who is providing care for a person that ensures their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. So in a senior care property this can include: the kitchen staff that prepares and serves the food, the housekeeper who reports anything they see that might be affecting care, the administrator who is jumping in to provide direct care when needed, staying late to help the caregivers, or covering a shift when someone calls out, the maintenance man who watches a senior to see what adaptations they can make to their room for safety, the secretary who helps makes doctor appointments and connects with the family, etc.

Everyone that participates in ensuring the well-being of a senior is “giving care.” This crosses lines into other fields of care. Though I focus on senior care, here are a few other examples: RNs, LVNs, and CNAs in hospitals that work with all ages, teachers, cafeteria workers, secretaries in schools and then the obvious parents and grandparents.

I hope that gives some clarity on the definition and helps us explore further in upcoming posts how we can evolve in the senior care industry, engaging ALL levels of caregivers to unleash their stored potential.

Originally published on The Spunky Caregiver.

About Kelly Sheets

Kelly Sheets started working with seniors right out of college. She has worked in acute rehab, skilled nursing, assisted living and home health. Along the way Kelly became a trained yoga instructor and teaches seniors classes twice a week. She has primarily worked in management and marketing in senior care. She is the founder of the, and deeply believes that investing in, educating and empowering the people who work with our elders not only improves the lives of the elders but also of senior communities and businesses as a whole. Kelly is member of the Dementia Action Alliance which has the mission to help people live fully with dementia and the Author of Breathe: The Simple Guide To Better Breathing