Two of America’s most influential advocates for caregivers, Maria Shriver and Ai-jen Poo, recently partnered on a poll that examines the state of caregiving in our country. One of the poll’s most significant findings, according to Shriver and Poo: We are a nation of caregivers in crisis, unified across political party lines in support of solutions, and that could influence the election.

The poll underscores the significance of the 2020 election year for Americans who need care or provide care to others.

  • The caregivers estimated they spend (or spent) an average of roughly 36 hours a week providing care. For many, this is in addition to their job (55% are employed full-time; 69% are employed part-time).
  • Across political party lines, 85% of respondents are much more likely to support a candidate who prioritizes improving quality of care for people as they get older, and support for their caregivers
  • 82% support a proposal for a federal program that everyone pays into, and could access as needed, for caregiving needs
  • Due to caregiving responsibilities, a significant number have not voted in an election (20%), are not feeling informed enough about candidates and issues to vote in elections (33%) and are having a hard time keeping up with the news and current events (36%)

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Featured Image: LOS ANGELES – circa 1991: Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver leave Spago restaurant. Bart Sherkow / Shutterstock